I know there's an obnoxious amount of words on this page but I encourage you to read all of them if you are considering hiring me. Also...if you email me any of these questions I'm going to link you back here...so just go ahead and take five minutes to read through this novel.

Q. If I want to hire you how does the process work?  

  • Fill out the contact from on my website, I'll get back to you within 24 hours and we can start planning your project right away. Of course if you have questions...I'll answer those too.

  • Upon inquiry you'll get a questionnaire to give me insight into your vision and heart. The questionnaire allows us both to make sure we will be a good fit and also help me to be intentional in creating a film you’ll be proud of. I require half of the deposit and contract up front to secure a date on my calendar.

  • We will schedule your filming day along a call (or coffee in real life if you're local) two weeks out from your shoot to get a solid game plan together. We will discuss vision, location, audio, shot list, ect.

  • You'll get a reminder a week out about filming and a checklist of things you need to have ready.

  • FILM DAY (Best day ever.)

  • Your film will be delivered 6 weeks after filming.

Q. How much do you charge? You can find my complete pricing guide by clicking here. 

Q. How long will it be before my film is ready? Your film will be ready 6 weeks after your shoot day. I will upload the files to a program where you can make comments and suggest changes as needed. Every brand package includes 10 comments on your first round. Every additional round of drafts will be an additional $175.

Q. I'm nervous about speaking on camera? Do you have any special tricks to ease my nerves or can we just next voiceover all together? I have special tricks up my sleeve that make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, after a few minutes of filming and I promise you will have forgot that you're even on camera! My goal Is for your viewers to feel like they are sitting down having coffee with you in your living room, I'm all about personal and relatable. 

Q. What kind of things will be included in my film? I will create a storyboard based on the developing and planning we do together. Initially you’ll get a questionnaire upon inquiry and from there we dive further into what specific things will be important based on the nature of the story we are sharing. Every film is different but you'll usually see a general theme of you behind the scenes doing whatever it is that you love, details of your business..and an interview of you sharing your heart. This is really entirely up to you and there's lots of creativity and freedom for us to co-create shots you want to show off. 

Q. Can I pick my own song?  We will have extensive discussion beforehand about what you want your viewers to "feel" when they watch your film and song choice is everything when it comes to a final film. My goal is to pick something we will both love and be mutually proud of! If you happen to not like the song choice there is an additional fee of $100 to have me change the song. 

Q. Do you use all the footage you take? No way, I take the only the best stuff to show off and highlight the things that really share your story in the best way possible. 

Q. How do you choose what audio you use? This is a creative decision I make in the editing process and my goal is to make you look and sound awesome. If you mess up during your interview portion don't fret...it's not rocket science for me to cut things out and I will pull only the strongest and most powerful pieces out. Good audio is what drives a film...so I assure you, you'll sound like a rockstar.