the journey to HERE

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I remember that feeling you have right now….that frustrating feeling of trying to communicate your heart. You know you have a bigger purpose for why your business exist but words never do it justice. We are expected to sum up who we are and rally the troops around our mission in under 10 seconds.

Now more than ever we have this pressure to set ourselves a part as business owners. We are faced with the looming question of what makes YOU different? What do you bring to the table that no one else does? AND how on earth does one share that without sounding like you’re totally full of yourself or stepping on the toes of your industry peers?

It all boils down to one simple answer. Your story. Not the whole story but the nuggets of gold that have been dropping you hints all along. Your people have been waiting to hear that part of you.

I believe this moment right here is special friend. Take note. You are NOT ordinary. I admire you for being willing to go beyond the surface. The surface will not cut it, and you know that. This journey of communicating your “why” is the single greatest thing you’ll EVER embark on as a business owner. I am in your corner cheering you on as you discover your true purpose. My heart is to help you uncover, articulate and share the gold that’s been hiding in you.