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"When I'm not creating films for cool people like you I can be found chasing around the pint-sized sassier version of me named Presley, giving a pep talk to the random stranger in line behind me at target, crying all my mascara off at the tv show "this is us" OR trying to convince my husband that I need more throw pillows. "

the journey to HERE

As business owners we are made hyper aware that setting ourselves a part is essential, problem is we clam up when we try to describe what makes us different. We have a bigger force in ourselves that drives us to do what we do but when it comes to putting words to it we struggle. How do we find and share our one of a kind factor in a way that stirs others up enough to get excited about what we do? I went on a journey of exploring my heart and business beyond surface level. I took what I discovered and made myself a short brand film. It was messy and imperfect but for the first time I felt like my people really knew what I had always wanted them to know. My average reach on a post was usually under 1,000 people but that little video reached the hearts of 7,000. That’s a big deal for a small business owner. Complete strangers were sharing the kindest and most genuine words about my business. I went from having “clients” to passionate brand enthusiast. That didn’t have a thing to do with the algorithm but put simply people are starving for genuine connection. The point was not that video was highly engaged content but that it cut through all the noise just long enough to let me truly connect with my people. I thought, "that's it." This is what I HAVE to do. I want to help other creatives cut through the busyness and connect right to the hearts of their people. I believe the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is to share our human-ness, especially in business.